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Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023

Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023

Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023   Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023
All-Mountain Versatility: The Elan Prodigy LS skis are designed for all-mountain skiing, providing versatility across various snow conditions and terrain. Lightweight Woodcore: Incorporates a lightweight woodcore that balances agility and stability, allowing for precise control and maneuverability. Early Rise Rocker: Features an early rise rocker profile for improved floatation in powder and easier turn initiation on groomed slopes. Full Power Cap Construction: Utilizes a full power cap construction for enhanced durability and energy transmission, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. Dynamic Performance: The EL 10.0 bindings provide a secure connection to the skis, enhancing overall performance for skiers seeking progression. Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023. Unleash your full skiing potential with the Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023.

Crafted for performance and agility, these skis are a symphony of power and precision. The LS (Lite Shift) technology ensures a lightweight feel without compromising strength, making them perfect for both groomed trails and backcountry adventures.

The Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis boast exceptional edge control, allowing you to carve effortlessly through any snow conditions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate beginner, these skis promise an exhilarating experience, pushing your limits and redefining what's possible on the slopes. Life is better on the Wagon! People ride bikes for a variety of reasons.

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Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023   Elan PRODIGY LS EL 10.0 Skis 2023